Anything no matter how small, as long as it was attached to Elvis Presley will always have great value to his fans the world over. I am not a stamp collector. the opening price reflects the value of the stamps,which is 5.80. The 29ยข Elvis Presley 1993 Hollywood CA Postmark FDC Stamp. ELVIS 29 cent stamps in 33 album sleeve, plate block of 4 stamps,. I have a stamp booklet but i do not know how my cents my stamp is worth. ChaCha Answer: A set of 16 29cent Elvis stamps unused is at a starting bid price o.

The 2008 Scott value on the Elvis Presley 29c stamp is. They have a catalog value of 60 cents mint, 20 cents used. does anyone know what the value of an elvis presley 29 cent with only the inscription of elvis on it? on the side of the stamp it says rock & roll singer, 1935-1977 Chas wilt trunk 29 cents elvis stamp value Greek stamps worth 29 cent elvis stamp value. American collectors call them U.S. Scott number 2721. Stamps question: What is the value of a 29 cent Elvis Presley stamp. I obtained an Elvis Presley 29 cent stamp which appears to be like new inside a book I purchased and was wondering if it has any value and if so about how much! 40 stamps of Elvis Presley in a sheet of 29 cent stamps (collectible real stamps). Scott Number 2721, 2724, and 2731 The stamps themselves in used condition are. Up for Auction is a Sheet of (20)Twenty 29 Cent Elvis Presley Stamps. AOL Stalker stalks anonymous user #8397044 who searched for kelly clarkson, mischa barton, stamp value, strengberg austria, 29 cent elvis stamp, under pressure mp3 VALUE $ 5 0.00. U.S.P.S. Elvis Commemorative Album. ELVIS 29 cent stamps in 33 album sleeve, plate block of 4 stamps, first day of issue stamp from TN in 45 record sleeve, Stamps etc.
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